Bouillabaisse. Salade Niçoise. Ratatouille. These are but some of the most iconic dishes to emerge from the canon of Provençal recipes. But over at Restaurant Alain Llora La Colle-Sur-Loup, the restaurant's Michelin star isn't wrought from reciting the obvious. Instead, it draws from the rich bounty of the South of France to offer dishes that take you on a journey through the land, be it richly flavoured olive oils or pristine seafood caught earlier in the day. 

Seafood velouté served at Restaurant Alain Llorca La Colle-Sur-Loup

It isn't often that we find Provençal fare right here in Singapore, but with the arrival of Chef Alain Llorca, diners dropping by The Knolls from today till 9 October will be treated to a taste of French fare that manages to be richly flavourful without the usual lashings of cream and butter. Take for example a veal fillet, which Llorca tops with a breaded crust of citrus fruits. The veal sits on finely diced Swiss chard—cooked as if it were a risotto—finished with butter and Parmesan, all elements that pay a ripe tribute to summer. Equally outstanding is his seafood velouté, which serves as a canvas for sweet razor clams, sea snails, and an agnoletti stuffed with leek fondue. 

Llorca's visit to Singapore is framed by a series of activities at Capella Singapore. The Knolls will showcase his cuisine by way of set lunches, dinners, and à la carte offerings from now till 8 October while a special Sunday Brunch takes place on 9 October.

For more information, visit Capella Singapore