Mini unveils new convertible

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Mini unveils new convertible
Sporting a head turning metallic finish, the brand's latest convertible to hit the road is longer, wider, and just that bit more playful

Trust the Brits to take top-down — we're talking about your car, that is — driving to a whole new level. With its circular headlamps and hexagonal radiator grille, this zippy ride from the British marquee is the brand's latest convertible to hit the road and it's slated to arrive in Singapore come 2016. 


New mini clubman

The new convertible is longer and wider than its predecessors, giving passengers more wiggle room as well as a larger boot space for all that extra baggage. Fitted with a fully electric roof that fans out more quietly and quickly than previous models, the new convertible will be available in the standard colour range, with the notable addition of a new metallic finish in Caribbean Aqua.

New mini clubman

Fancy sporting the Union Jack on your sunroof? Mini's giving you the option to switch up to a soft top featuring a woven Union Jack graphic — no doubt a nod to the brand's British heritage.  

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