The next time you sign into your trusty Mr Porter account, suede-trimmed Brunello Cucinelli leather sneakers and Tom Ford cashmere sweaters won't be the only items you can add to your shopping basket. In celebration of Mr Porter's fifth anniversary, the online retailer has teamed up with BMW to roll out a limited edition electric car inspired by the hallmarks of a well-tailored suit. 

BMW i3 Mr Porter electric car 

A white accent — painted by a master craftsman — running the length of the chassis mirrors the aesthetic of a pinstripe suit while stitching details on the floor mats are evocative of the delicate handsewn stitches you'll find on a handsome lapel. Speaking about the design features of the car, Mr Toby Bateman, managing director of Mr Porter said: "We have kept all the high specification components one would expect from BMW and added a bespoke interior and exterior finish, which is very much in keeping with our aesthetic." 

The stylish car also boasts the characteristics of the BMW i3, namely its excellent agility and emission-free footprint. Running on electric power, this earth-friendly car makes a firm nod to BMW and Mr Porter's commitment to sustainability. 

The best part? This swank ride comes with a Mr Porter Essentials Travel Kit comprising a BMW i leather holdall, Leica C compact camera, London Undercover umbrella, Cutler & Gross sunglasses, Lock & Co bowler hat, and a bespoke edition of the Wallpaper City Guide Books. 

Keen to book your ride? Register your interest here from 18 February 2016.