Mercedes-Benz unveils new C-Class Coupé

One for the road

Mercedes-Benz unveils new C-Class Coupé
A sportier ride

Slide into the driver's seat of Mercedes-Benz's new C-Class coupé and you'll find yourself cocooned in a sporty interior flanked by flowing forms that segue from the centre console to the door and rear side panelling. It's not surprising to find such fine touches and exquisite details in the cockpit of a Mercedes-Benz, but this decidedly sporty C-Class ride breaks free from the more corporate vibe of its predecessors. 

mercedes benz c class coupe

With its striking diamond radiator grille, long bonnet, and frameless doors, this new-generation C-Class coupé cuts a fine figure on the road. Most notably, the long drawn-out dropping line so iconic of a coupé is further teased out here, extending past the rear wheel arch to underscore the car's inherently sporty disposition. 

mercedes benz c class coupe

While you get to enjoy the low road roar, you'll do so in comfort while riding on a plush suspension. Agile handling makes it easy for you to head out for longer rides, while four-cylinder petrol engines make a nod to Mother Earth by consuming 20 per cent less fuel than the car's predecessors. 

For more information, visit Mercedes-Benz Singapore

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