Grain: Healthy food at your doorstep

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Grain: Healthy food at your doorstep
A startup that has grown volumes since its launch, Grain has the potential to be the healthful delivery option you choose every time

Eating healthy is hard, especially when you're hard at work. The easiest options are usually the least nutritious and it's easy to succumb to the sinful craving for fast food. Thankfully, the good folks at Grain have turned things around with their food delivery service.

The nifty little touches that make Grain stand out from the rest are evident. They deliver your meal promptly and let you choose from a rotating menu of four delicious dishes each day. 


'Healthy' food can mean a lot of things, but Grain holds themselves to vigorous standards. They use fresh ingredients; swap the deep-fryer for the grill and steamer; and make clever substitutes (think walnut milk over coconut milk) when the occasion calls for it. Above all, they don't stick to any one cuisine, so you can expect to tuck into a deconstructed burger one day, and a chirashi-don the next. 


The catch is that they currently only deliver to selected locations in Marina Bay or Raffles Place. If you happen to stay or work around the area, you can place your orders with Grain from Mondays to Fridays. For more information, head on over to their website.

Varsha Sivaram

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