Battling a Boost Juice addiction? Well, don't pat yourself on the back for loading up on your liquid five-a-day because that stuff is filled with hidden sugars. When it comes to your hydration needs, there's nothing better than downing a big old glass of water. Water is so underrated: It helps to fuel your muscles, flush out toxins, aid with digestion, and even help to preven muscle cramps. 

If water tastes a little too bland (let's face it, the water cooler in the office isn't filled with Perrier) for your liking, you can sex it up with any leftover fruit, herb, or vegetables in your fridge. Fruit-infused water is a great alternative to sugary drinks or teeth-staining tea. Simply let your choice of fruit steep in the water for a few hours to work its magic. 

Watermelon and mint makes for a refreshing, summery combination while pineapple and cinnamon packs a little taste of the Caribbean in your glass. Our favourite mix? Tangy grapefruit and herbal rosemary. It's packed with Vitamin C and helps to detoxify the liver.