#SaturdaySessions: Uniquely local treats at Fluff Bakery


#SaturdaySessions: Uniquely local treats at Fluff Bakery
Tuck into some homegrown cupcake flavours at this lovely spot. The kicker? They’re Halal, too

Nestled amongst cafés and restaurants in Jalan Pisang, the humble Fluff Bakery is home to some seriously decadent desserts. What sets Fluff apart in our books is the inventive way they incorporate local flavours into their bakes. Ever bitten into a laksa leaf and lemongrass crème brûlée tart? Well, you could try one here.

Fluff Bakery

With Hari Raya festivities (and food) in full swing, we'd look no further than Fluff Bakery to sate our cravings. Their new cupcake flavours include teh tarik and pineapple tart, and it doesn't stop there. The ever-so-rich pandan kaya cheese cupcake comprises a pandan cake base, mascarpone frosting, and a savoury kicker in the form of cheddar cheese. Quite simply, it's indulgence at its best.

Fluff Bakery

For some post-celebratory eats, head down to Fluff Bakery at 12 Jalan Pisang from 22 July. 

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Varsha Sivaram

  • Image: Fluff Bakery
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