#SaturdaySessions: 4th of July

Red, white and blue

#SaturdaySessions: 4th of July
Fire up the grill

When Independence Day comes around, there's more than one way to fly the flag beyond the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence. Exercise your constitutional rights by cramming the grill full of glorious meat and firing it up to perfection. Better still if someone else does it for you. Here are three tips for staging a barbecue blowout:

1. You might be king of the barbie but your meats can't go from good to great if your marinade doesn't make the cut. Zac Butchery & Deli turns out a solid range of marinated meats so all you have to do is fire up the grill. Their Halal-friendly meats mean that your Muslim friends can partake in the feast, too. 

2. Why settle for regular mustard when you can make yours a Dijon? Leave it to the French to sneak a little wine into everything. Combining the slow heat of ground mustard seeds with a good hit of white wine, Dijon mustard pairs beautifully with the char of grilled meats. 

3. Consider a plant-based barbecue makeover. No meat? Quelle horreur! Well, not quite. Vegetables (think eggplant, peppers, and even pumpkin) hold up surprisingly well on the grill and can be marinated with miso to bring out richer, deeper flavours.  

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Text: Denise Kok

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