An American diner on Orchard Road

Shake em' buns

An American diner on Orchard Road
Fans of The Lo & Behold group's Overeasy restaurant can now get their fix at Liat Towers, too

Linoleum tiles, bubblegum licks of colour, and a neon sign hanging over the bar all set the stage for this restaurant that's pretty much the archetype of mid-century American gastronomy. On the menu, classic American diner fare the likes of Reuben sandwiches (it's on the house if your name is Reuben) and rich, creamy milkshakes sit alongside soul food classics such as fried chicken and waffles lashed with maple syrup and honey butter. The classic mac and cheese gets a notable update too with the addition of masterfully braised beef cheeks blanketed with gruyere. 

Overeasy Orchard

Close to half of the items on the menu here differ from the fare offered at the Overeasy outlet in One Fullerton. For one, you wouldn't find beer-can chicken (a veritable internet sensation) on your plate. It's an absurd dish to behold — think a beer can shoved up the cavity of a whole chicken — but one that's undeniably delicious to tuck into. The chicken, cooked together with the beer can, impresses with a fork-tender flesh thanks to the steam from the beer that cooks the chicken from within. For the sweet-toothed, you'll find pillowy soft donuts rising from a dough mixture proofed with bourbon. Dip the cinnamon coated sugar donuts into the accompanying house-made fudge sauce and wash it down with one of their rich and creamy milkshakes.   

Overeasy Orchard

Counting your calories? Opt for the cold-pressed juices instead. They are unorthodox showings for a menu touting American diner fare — but the folks at The Lo & Behold Group certainly move with the times when they have to.

541 Orchard Road, #01-01, Liat Towers, Singapore. Tel: 6684 1453 

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