Big, bold flavours at My Little Spanish Place

Forget tapas

Big, bold flavours at My Little Spanish Place
You don't have to go far to get a taste of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands might call to mind visions of the tanned, jet-set crowd swaying to Balearic beats while decked out in the sharpest silhouettes for Summer, but there's more to the archipelago than perpetual dance parties. For one, the food is spectacular. It's rich, varied, and draws heavily from the bounty of the sea.

If Ibiza or Majorca isn't down on your Summer vacation list, do the next best thing and head to My Little Spanish Place for a taste of what the islands have to offer. Try the butifarra, a housemade pork sausage spun with spices and sherry vinegar and dip it into the accompanying mojo rojo sauce spiked with paprika, cumin seeds, and red chillies.   

My Little Spanish Place

Comfort food at its best come in the form of the migas, a deceptively humble dish that combines croutons, chorizo, tomatoes, red peppers, Serrano ham, and a half-boiled egg — the sum of its flavours proving to be bigger than its parts. 

My Little Spanish Place

There's bone marrow — ever the crowd-pleaser — to be had, too. You'll find Chefs Maria Sevillano and Edward Esmero soaking the marrow overnight in fresh milk to remove its impurities before roasting it over high heat. You slather the unctuous morsels over warm, crisp toast and dress it with strips of caramelised onions. 

My Little Spanish Place

If you fancy paella, you can order up a main course here that swaps the usual base of rice for noodles. The dish, known as fideuá, has its roots in Valencian cuisine, and rarely makes an appearance in Spanish restaurants here. At My Little Spanish Place, you'll find broken angel hair noodles and seafood cooked in a homemade pork broth. The dish is finished with a fresh burst of parsley and served with a side of aioli

My Little Spanish Place @ Boat Quay54 Boat Quay. Tel: 6532 0665

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