When karate fighter Kaspar Basse opened the very first Joe & the Juice joint in Copenhagen, he didn't expect it to grow into a veritable empire spanning 70 cities. His recipe for success? Pretty much coffee and juices made from the very best ingredients, all backed with a raucous side of music, craft, and fashion. He also managed to hire some of the most good looking folk in the city to brew your morning cuppa. Superficial? We think not. Think of it as a positive call to action for those who need some persuasion to get their superfood boost. 

Joe & the juice singapore

It isn't all style without substance. As a former athlete, Basse has insisted on crafting menu offerings that feature only the freshest ingredients put together in the most nutritious combinations. 

Joe and the juice singapore

Opens 30 November. Joe & The Juice. #01-35 Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place.