Rise and shine: Breakfast at Violet Oon Singapore

Kopi-O, please

Rise and shine: Breakfast at Violet Oon Singapore
Breakfast of champions

When the weekend rolls around, there's nothing like starting your morning with a fully loaded English breakfast. But over at Violet Oon Singapore, you won't find the usual fare of roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, or streaky bacon. Instead, the big breakfast here flies the local culinary flag high — think otak grilled to perfection, deep fried turmeric chicken wings, egg sambal, and a generous side of sambal chilli to seal these rich flavours with a piquant kiss.

Violet Oon Singapore

Singapore's South Indian heritage finds its way to the breakfast menu, too. Instead of serving roti prata with the usual side of vegetable curry, you'll find the fluffy creations topped with rich, flavourful combinations of ingredients ranging from spicy tuna to slow-cooked pulled pork.         

Violet Oon Singapore

Call for a cup of Violet Oon's very own Kopi-VO to pair with your meal. While her take on the traditional sock-filtered coffee sees her brewing the beverage in old-school fashion (think coffee beans roasted with margarine and caramelised to realise its full spectrum of flavours), she's managed to coax a richer brew by using a blend of premium Arabica and Robusta beans instead of the usual third-grade fare. Now that's something we'll wake up early for. 

Violet Oon Singapore. 881 Bukit TImah Road. Tel:6468 5430

Denise Kok

  • Image: Violet Oon Singapore
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