#ThrowbackThursday: Our good old Christmas memories

Seasonal cheer

#ThrowbackThursday: Our good old Christmas memories
With the festive season in full swing, the Buro team takes a look at some of our own memories of Christmas past


olidays are usually a time to revisit the old family photo albums while being subject to endless jibes about chubby cheeks and ugly sweaters. This Christmas, we're embracing the tradition and offering up some of our own memories of the holidays. From tiny tots receiving presents to an old school office Christmas party, here are some of our best memories for #ThrowbackThursday.

Norman Tan | Editor-in-Chief (@musingmutley)

"Christmas is just my joy. The joy of my life, in fact. Hyperbole? Maybe. But sorry I'm not sorry. Being an only child — a very precocious one, if I do say so myself — I looked forward to the bustle of the whole family getting together, running around playing 'spies' with my cousins (which involved ninja-like skills to steal items from the kitchen without anyone noticing), and of course, sharing gifts around the Christmas tree (yes, I was a Christmas tree decoration Nazi, still am actually, and it had to be perfect). In this picture I'm in Melbourne with my mom and some weirdo in a beard. I think they were family friends. Meh, I just wanted the presents."

Norman Tan | Editor-in-Chief (@musingmutley)

Renée Batchelor | Beauty Editor (@renee_buro247)

"I used to love waking up on Christmas morning to unwrap the presents sent by 'Santa'. That Christmas, I received a Cheer Bear (Care Bear) and was beyond delighted. Seeing this picture and how happy I was has made me realise that I should continue these traditions for my daughter."

Renée Batchelor | Beauty Editor (@renee_buro247)

Adibah Isa | Culture Editor (@adibah.isa)

"This was my first ever office Christmas party back in 2008, when I was still working at a law firm. I look back on it fondly because it had all the trappings of a corporate Christmas: Dried up turkey, an artificial tree with ornaments you'd get at a dollar store, and the cheesy speeches. What I loved were the presents: Some I asked for (the novel, Notes On A Scandal), and some were things I didn't think I needed. My favourite gift? A coin bank which said, 'I'm saving up to quit my job'. To the person who gave that to me, I am eternally grateful."

Adibah Isa | Culture Editor (@adibah.isa)

Vanessa Caitlin | Photo Editor (@vcluxe)

"My Christmas morning ritual involved waking up and running straight to the tree, only to be told off by Mom: "You may only open your presents after dinner!" Still, having all my family and closest family friends over was always a joyous and turkey-filled occasion. But let's be honest, I was only using my loving relatives to kill time before PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS!"

Vanessa Caitlin | Photo Editor (@vcluxe)

Miroslava Duma | Founder of Buro 24/7 (@miraduma)

The style icon, it seems, has pushed style boundaries right from the cradle. She didn't seem to approve of that bow, though.

Instagram | @miraduma

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Varsha Sivaram

  • Image: Instagram | @miraduma

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