#SaturdaySessions: Step aside Choupette, these kitties are cooler than you

Feline purrfection

#SaturdaySessions: Step aside Choupette, these kitties are cooler than you
Because it’s Caturday

It has been a big week for our feline friends. For one, their plans for world domination have been immortalised in an exhibition titled 'How Cats Took Over The Internet'. The exhibition, which runs from 7 August to 31 January at the Museum of The Moving Image in New York, will no doubt be an ode to all things feline related. But we don't need an exhibition to shine the light on our inexplicable obsession with cats, do we? After all, they rule the internet — though some more than others. 

Choupette Lagerfeld

Sitting high in the alpha kitty league is Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's blue-eyed Siamese beauty whose face has launched everything from Opel cars to her very own Shu Uemura makeup line. The working kitty (who only eats out of Goyard dishes) might have brought home a cool three million euros for Lagerfeld, but we know that her fame isn't entirely her own. After all, Daddy Karl's wide-reaching connections fan out further than her dainty paws ever will. 

With 65.5k followers double-tapping her every move, Choupette might just be one of the most fabulous kitties out there. But is there only one pussy to rule them all? We think not. Here are five Insty-loving moggies that had us at meow.  

1. @albertbabycat
This munchkin cat can out-smize you any day. He can also rock a romper better than any brawling baby out there when he's not busy being a bona fide lady's man. 

Instagram | @albertbabycat

2. @realgrumpycat
Grumpy Cat's all about putting his best frown forward. No amount of fan art will please the resident cynic. He was once a mock cover kitty for Lucky magazine — and it was awful. 

Instagram | @realgrumpycat

3. @pudgethecat
One of the first moustachioed (even if she's a girl) cats to make it big on the internet. The docile kitty is quite the globetrotter and has launched her own merchandise ranging from "Pudge Life" iphone cases to nail art decals. 

Instagram | @pudgethecat

4. @iamlilbub
Lil' Bub is the Peter Pan of cats. Born a perma-kitten, she is destined to maintain kitten-like features throughout her entire life. As a poster feline for special needs pets, she has raised over US$300,000 for animals who need a little TLC. With over 869k followers on Instagram alone, she probably has more fans than you do.   

Instagram | @iamlilbub

5. @maru_the_cat
If it fits, he sits. Maru has no qualms about squeezing his pudgy girth into anything that vaguely resembles a box. This dexterous kitty is pretty much the original cat-in-the-box. 

Instagram | @maru_the_cat

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Text: Denise Kok

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