Visitors to the National Gallery Singapore might encounter one of the most comprehensive representations of Southeaset Asian art in the region, but the journey, it seems, doesn't end at the exhibition doors. Over at Gallery & Co., the regional narrative carries over into edible works of art, this time around, inspired by the architecture of this elegant building itself. The artworks in question? A trio of chocolate bars — dark beauties that draw their shape and form from the wood-panelled ceilings of the gallery's Supreme Court wing. More elements from the building are mapped onto the chocolate wrappers itself, ranging from the gallery's signature square tiles to the tree-like structures that uphold the building's glass canopy. 

marou chocolat national gallery singapore gallery & co

The chocolates don't only fly the flag for Singapore, but bare strong fingerprints from neighbouring Vietnam. These 65% dark chocolate bars (available in sea salt and chilli variations too) are made by Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, a Vietnam-based chocolatier who creates their bean-to-bar treats by sourcing cacao from small Vietnamese farms across the country. Each bar is also wrapped in hand-pressed paper prepared by Dong Ho artisans — a nod to a 500-year-old folk tradition that draws upon nature to create its striking coloured dyes. Think yellow ink made from aniseed buds and black ink from charred bamboo leaves. Below, a look at the genesis of these chocolate bars. 

The Marou & Co. chocolates trio pack is now available at Gallery & Co. National Gallery Singapore.