When Apple unveiled their latest line of Macbooks in April, they rolled it out in silver, space grey, and – our favourite – gold. While gold often toes the thin line between glamorous and garish, Apple manages to sidestep the gauche with its ever-chic stylings. 

New Macbook

The gold MacBook isn't just a looker, it's also polished in functionality. At a mere two pounds and 13.1mm at its thickest, the gold MacBook is even lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air. Its 12-inch retina display also ensures beauty onscreen – all the better to view the latest episode of Game of Thrones. In addition, a full-sized keyboard and Force Touch trackpad makes its easy to navigate the computer with new and intuitive gestures. The gold MacBook also reigns as Apple's first fanless laptop, spelling a quieter and more comfortable experience for all the hours you spend working on it. Sleek, smart, and stylish, this Macbook certainly measures up to the gold standard in our books.