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Just down the road from my home, another terrorist attack has unfolded. I was voraciously consuming the news as dawn was breaking, listening to Muslim prayers wafting through the muggy thick air from my next door neighbours. A moment of silence has just passed for the #GrenfellTower victims, and as the Big Ben clock struck 11, police sirens could be heard raging down Seven Sisters Road It's hard not to be affected by these moments where there appears to be a sheer lack of empathy, human decency and tolerance Even harder when it's happening in your backyard, where you go from high fiving multi-cultural living because of the Jamaican reggae and Colombian pop music filtering into your living room, to feeling like you don't know your city at all Wondering how do we truly understand and practise the words of Jo Cox - We have more in common than that which divides us Ph: Back of @marine.serre dress from her graduate collection "Radical Call to Love" which tackles these tensions through a contrast of textiles - incidentally congratulations to her for scooping the big @lvmhprize on Friday

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