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BELLA KOH on Instagram

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We are feeling quite pleased today after seeing the outcome of our 2 week #AveenoSG wellness journey. Pampered are us sleeping in an 18-degree cold room at night, and being out in the scorching heat during the day has left our sensitive skin feeling dry and rough. This causes Alessandra to develop a habit of scratching excessively which leaves her skin irritated. Aveeno has definitely lived up to its name in giving us healthy and moisturized skin. Made from oats, it is non greasy, fragrance-free and a breeze to apply. It also absorbs quickly into the skin, relieving our skin dryness within a day! Add that with a few conscious efforts to our lifestyle and food choices, we were well on our way towards holistic wellness, from skin to soul! You can too - visit the official Aveeno store on Lazada Link in bio and use the code AVEENOBELLA5 for an exclusive discount. #slowlife #slowliving #selfcare #alessandrayeung #slowlife #slowfood #slowliving #nature #wellness #health #thecatkitchenxaveeno

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