Forget normcore, and forget white sneakers. For fall 2016, fashion's florid edge is back with a vengeance. Just ask Mrs Prada or Gucci's Alessandro Michele — from floral tapestry to sequins on tulle, brazen maximalism is the season's undisputed fashion decree. Keywords? Loud, proud and indiscreet. 

Step one: Logomania. Look to London's quirky prodigy Christopher Kane and New York's cool downtown kids over at DKNY and Rag & Bone. Part of the '90s swingback where logo jumpers (think: CK Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) were the must-have It-kits, the way to show your love for a label is to don it in big, bold typography. If true, blue Italian luxury's more your speed, take on the statement pieces from Gucci and Pucci, but #TurnYourSwagOn better than Soulja Boy ever did.