Demi-Denims: There's nothing half-assed about these jeans that's proliferating the streets.

Roomy up top and slender on the bottom (just imagine layering berms over skinnies), its trump card is the unique construction that mimicks two pairs of jeans. 
But, what exactly is it about Demi-Denims that's commanding so much attention?

Move over Vetements, there's a new denim trend stirring up a street style storm

Devised by Ukranian designers Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, its allure lies in the exposed frontal seams, contrasted colouring, and ultimately, the faux layering. Rugged, ripped and favouring the cut-and-sew technique, it also comes with the added bonus of resembling a vintage store find. Spotted at the recent fashion weeks donned by many a style clique, see denim's latest upgrade and be inspired to get in the game. 

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