Shoe care 101: Bally’s Shoepedia

TLC for your tippy toes

Shoe care 101: Bally’s Shoepedia
Get tutored in everything relating to shoes with Bally’s dedicated online shoe encyclopedia

We wear them everyday and we certainly own lots of them, but what do we really know about caring for our shoes? Coming to the rescue of this conundrum is Bally, who proudly launches a comprehensive virtual guide with all the footwear nitty-gritty you never knew about.

Bally Shoepedia

Appropriately monikered as 'Shoepedia', this platform expands the online presence of the Swiss label in a move befitting their standing as leaders in the luxury shoe and accessories industry. Visitors will be enriched with a wealth of information on shoe making and shoe care as Bally translates their 164 years of expertise into an easy-access, detailed lexicon with a user-friendly interface.

Bally Shoepedia

If you're looking to work some DIY magic on your favourite pair or to impress your social circle with your newfound knowledge of footwear definitions from 'aglets' to 'zero drops', the Bally Shoepedia is your all-inclusive online portal.

Visit the Bally Shoepedia here.

Angelyn Kwek

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