Remember a time when the most important part of the day was to make it back from school in time to catch TRL? Well, for all the '90s babies who grew up on Kraft snacks and telly tunes, Marc Jacobs has slapped one of the era's biggest icons onto snazzy jumpers and T-shirts. Just like how Xzibit talked a game that was loud and proud on Pimp My Ride, these sequinned animal print pieces were designed to be paraded. Disclaimer: Not suitable for wallflowers.

Cotton jumpers run the range of lucid blue, pink and black, while the cap-sleeve T-shirts are doused in soft pastels. Our suggestion? DIY the latter and turn them into cropped baby tees — the litmus test of a true '90s kid.

Shop the Marc Jacobs x MTV collection at the Marc Jacobs boutique in Singapore from December onwards. Prices start at $400.