This year, Monsieur Vuitton would have turned 195 years old — and even if you didn’t know his story, you’d know his monogram. You may recognise the interlocking L and V from the backdrop of Stephen Sprouse's graffiti-minded collaboration of 2001, from Catherine Deneuve’s traveling trunks, or from Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest runway collections. Yes, within the fashion coliseum, the LV monogram is having something of a proudly logomanic resurgence.

Going in on the craze, the Monogram bags are doing time under the limelight. This holiday season, Ghesquière delved into the archives of Gaston Louis Vuitton for inspiration. Fascinated with what a trunk label says about their owner, Vuitton collected them alongside airline and hotel stickers during his frequent travels. This exact spirit of wanderlust is what Ghesquière has ingrained — or rather, stuck — onto the iconic Monogram collection. All the way from the Pégase suitcase to the mini-sized Petite Malle bag, new stickers recalling cosmopolitan cities the likes of Paris, Miami, or Tokyo are patched on to indulge the style-savvy globe-trotter.

The World Tour Monogram collection is now available at Louis Vuitton boutiques.