With fast fashion retailers abound, bespoke labels are few and far between. Inventory is championing exactly that, offering tailoring services designed to deliver garments of impeccable fit and unmatched attention to detail.

True to tradition and craft, Inventory’s new store allows for a highly personalised experience, and is by appointment only. Made from scratch to your specifications, all suits are cut, basted and fitted in-house with artisanal skills straight from Savile Row. Apart from bespoke pieces, the young label also offers made-to-measure services for bomber jackets, shirts, denim jeans, chinos and gurkha trousers.

Inventory’s designs may be traditionally made, but their designs lend a fresh sartorial perspective. Crisp button-downs, structured jackets and perfectly cropped trousers in muted shades of olives and navy make for an unapologetically stylish wardrobe you’ll find yourself lusting over.

Inventory’s new store opens 26 July, and is located at #02-11, 21 Club Street.