Join the cause: Pitch in with H&M and singer M.I.A. for World Recycle Week

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Join the cause: Pitch in with H&M and singer M.I.A. for World Recycle Week
Do your part for Mother Earth with H&M and M.I.A. by turning in your unwanted garments

It's an eco call to arms as high-street giant H&M unites with singer and artiste M.I.A. in their most ambitious sustainable undertaking since 2013. Their goal? To collect 1,000 tonnes of garments in the name of the inaugural World Recycle Week.

Coming in on the heels of their 2016 Conscious collection launch, H&M embarks on a week long Garment Collecting mission from 18 to 24 April with their 'close the loop' initiative, the definition of which is illustrated below:

H&M World Recycle Week

In a bid to spread the word far and wide, H&M has roped in M.I.A. to film an exclusive new music video that stresses the negative environmental impact of discarded clothes going into landfills around the globe. So instead of just tossing away yesteryear's jeans and out-of-season tops, we're encouraged to bring our unwanted garments and textiles (any label, any condition, any fabric) down to the nearest H&M store for recycling. Doing so will reduce the sheer wastage of functional materials being dumped into landfills and participants will also receive vouchers courtesy of H&M to get some new togs. It's a win-win all around.

H&M World Recycle Week

Every piece that's turned in will go to creating new products or be re-purposed, which in turn saves natural resources, such as 2,100 litres of water with just one recycled T-shirt. With 1,000 tonnes of garments, just imagine the amount we'll be saving — you can do the math on this one. And if you've followed our sustainability series, you'll know that practicing the 3 R's of fashion is very much a neccessity. So whether you're an eco warrior or a fashionista with an overflowing wardrobe, enforce your commitment to going green and stand with H&M this coming World Recycle Week by giving your old clothes a new lease of life.

To learn more about H&M's Conscious Actions for sustainability and World Recycle Week, click here.

The H&M x M.I.A. exclusive music video will debut on 11 April.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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