In the '70s, Diane von Furstenberg didn't know that she was making history when she championed the wrap dress as a liberation for modern women. 40 years on, the dress has become a symbol of female empowerment and has been worn by every significant female leader of our time including the Duchess of Cambridge, and US First Lady Michelle Obama. On our shores for the first time, the designer is presenting a scaled-down version of her Journey of a Dress exhibition. Titled Journey of a Dress: Wrap Dress, the exhibition will feature 30 of her most famous wrap dresses at Ion Orchard. 

“I was a very young woman when I created the wrap dress. It made me independent as it was making women around the world feel confident,” said von Furstenberg. “Generations later, the dress is still making women feel confident, and I am excited to bring the journey of the wrap dress to Singapore.” 

The Journey of a Dress: Wrap Dress exhibition will run from 1 May to 14 May 2015.