Count on the enigmatic Céline creative director, Phoebe Philo, for converting the oddest of shoes to the most covetable footwear trend that gets exorbitantly poached by fast fashion retailers: High-vamped glove heels, fur-lined Birkenstocks to orthopedic-looking sneakers — you name it. This season, the French house's Ruffle sandals aptly earn the limelight as the next It-unwonted shoes.

Reverberating the petals of a blooming flower, the elegantly swivelled vamp of the open-toe sandals is juxtaposed with chunky suede heels for a mix of Philo-esque quirk. They're diminutively bold that those who opt for safer classics could still go head over heels for these — while for the nonconformists in seek of statement-declaring shoes, a version with furry mink bracelets and marble stones embedded on the jewels indulges your penchant for the avant-garde. Either way, the Ruffle sandals guarantee a surefire hit for getting all admiring eyes on you — or your feet, at least.

The Céline fall 2016 Ruffle sandals are available at Céline boutiques islandwide.