Where to shop online for your next beach getaway

Resort ready

Where to shop online for your next beach getaway
Heed the call of the sea and sand with impeccable style

If your idea of paradise is lounging in a comfy deck chair with a coconut drink in hand against a backdrop of sparkling white sand and cerulean waters, then you best be sure to swan around in style on your dream holiday. Besides mastering the perfect laidback pose, swathe yourself in effortlessly chic pieces that look as good on an editorial page as it does on the beach. 

Here are five brands we've been eyeing:

1. The Jetset Diaries

Like the name suggests, The Jetset Diaries is a label that caters to the lifestyle of the modern jetsetter. With luxe bohemian as the style of choice, expect contemporary selections that capture the savoir-faire of feminine free-loving spirits such as Kate Moss and Charlotte Casiraghi, both of whom influence the brand's designs. Check out the Snake Charmer jacket that's tribal and edgy all at once.

Five brands for beach getaways Jetset Diaries

Shop The Jetset Diaries here.

2. Muzungu Sister

For those who are equally conscious when it comes to fashion and ethical labour practices, Muzungu Sister's artisan-crafted pieces sourced from all around the world will be your new favourite.  Every article is a carefully curated item that's handmade locally to give you a rare, one-of-a-kind piece that's as diverse as the communities they originate from. A solely unique resort wardrobe will be yours to parade in.
Muzungu Sisters 

Discover more from Muzungu Sisters.

3. Spell & Gypsy Collective

With original prints labouriously hand-drawn with love, Spell & Gypsy's latest collection, The Sunset Road, is a fusion of all things American. Liberally splashed with eagles, cactuses, stag horns and Aztec prints displayed to great effect by supermodel Erin Wasson in a Thelma & Louise inspired campaign, it's the style DNA of a rebel at heart who will rule the scene on or off vacation.
Spell & Gypsy Collection

For all things Spell & Gypsy, click here.

4. Jen's Pirate Booty

Embodying a style goddess is not all that difficult with Jen's Pirate Booty to provide you with a stash of fashion gems that will turn heads. Think sun kissed glow and beachy avant-garde; the perfect combination dressed up in intricately designed kaftans and cover-ups that will transform you into an alluring siren worthy of gracing any shore.
Five brands for beach getaways Jen's Pirate Booty

Plunder some loot from Jen's Pirate Booty.

5. Miguelina

The Miguelina girl is someone who is sophisticated yet laidback, outfitted in delicate femininity that speaks of her discerning style. For the ladies who aim to live the plush resort life, this is the label synonymous with luxurious beachwear. With versatile detailed pieces that have become the staples of celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, Miguelina will take you from day to evening, city to beach whether you're in Bali or the Maldives.
Five brands for beach getaways Miguelina

Purchase Miguelina's covetable designs here

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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