Bag an award-winner with Elyse & I

Pretty yet practical

Bag an award-winner with Elyse & I
For a statement bag that pairs form and function, look no further than Elyse & I

For those not well-versed in the local fashion scene, Elyse & I is an award-winning Singapore brand founded by British designer Emily Cheetham in 2005. Since then, this humble label has gone on to win over international media and style connoisseurs, even decorating the arms of actresses and celebrities.

The secret behind the success has been the clever formula of vintage aesthetics mixed with utilitarian modernity. Elyse & I weaves a story behind each of their products: Intricate patterned leatherwork made using various techniques with signature leather knots, all carefully crafted with fine details such as adjustable straps, removable fringes and hidden pockets. Going beyond luxury, Elyse & I is the one multi-seasonal piece you need to suit all your moods and desires.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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