"This project was interesting because it went further than the images I usually make," Massimo Vitali says. The venerable Italian photographer has been taking beachscapes since the 1990s, in locales all over the world. "They are a key to explaining our lives," he continues. "Bathing allows us to wash away our problems and our sins." 

Vilebrequin x Massimo Vitali Maillot Swim Shorts

With this philosophy in mind, it is no wonder that swimwear brand Vilebrequin approached the artist to work on a line of exclusive products with them. Featuring a one-of-a-kind picture photographed by Vitali, the brand has printed it on its signature swim shorts and an accompanying beach tote. While this collaboration may look like a straightforward one, the devil is in the details: Look closely at the print and you'll notice that several beachgoers are wearing the Vitali print as well. "I think of beaches as contemporary purgatories," Vitali says with a smile.

Vilebrequin x Massimo Vitali Beach Tote