Imagine whiling your day away perusing Japanese handcrafted shoes, snifter of malt-grain whiskey in hand. Or actually do it this week at Masaru Okuyama's trunk show as he launches his made-to-order and bespoke collections with the Kevin Seah Group. 

Okuyama honed his skills under renowned shoemaker Chihiro Yamaguchi post-graduation and in 2010, was awarded the gold medal for the Custom-Made Shoes Category of the German International Shoemakers' Competition.

In a trunk show that spans over two days, the first kicks off with an afternoon introduction to the fine Japanese craftsmanship, followed by a Hibiki reception in the evening. For a bespoke (or made-to-measure) session with the man himself on the following day, be sure to make an appointment beforehand to snag yourself a pair of those handsome leather beauties. 

The Masaru Okuyama trunk show takes place on 4 to 5 September at Kevin Seah Bespoke, located at 55B Boat Quay.