Watch Liv Tyler talk fashion influences and lessons learnt from being a mother

Mum's the word

In the tenth installmment of the Woman series, Liv Tyler opens up about being a mother, living in New York City, and, the elements of her polished style

Who is your biggest fashion influence and why?
I can't say there is one specifically. I've always been very observant my whole life and I remember growing up with watching my mother and grandmother. My grandmother is incredibly elegant and very particular and detailed oriented with her taste,  while my mother was always a very free spirit. I would watch her get dressed and do her make-up. She was always in bands and a little bit more rock 'n' roll. As a result, I had a mix of classic sensibilities and a rebellious fresh vibe. I was definitely influenced by my childhood, but then throughout my life, fashion, film, images, photographs, real people and so many things inspire me. When I see something that I love it kind of sticks with me. I'm always seeing things that inspire me. I definitely have certain friends and people that I have learned a lot from and that I admire, but it's not about fashion — it's about what they radiate. And they just happen to look great in everything. 

Can you describe your red carpet style?
It depends on the event. I have friends and people who I love and respect and I might say, "I have this event. Will you dress me for that?". They'll either make me something or find a piece from the current collection. But I generally will plan it in advance in this manner. If I have a premiere, I'll ask Stella or Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler, or Givenchy, and go to them and ask if I can wear it. I mean, that's one of the things I feel so blessed about and grateful for having been in this business for so long. Being able to have those very close personal relationships with people where they know you so well that you can ask them to dress you for something, is really nice. You know you can rely on them, and they can rely on you.

Watch Liv Tyler talk fashion influences and lessons learnt from being a mother (фото 1)

What city or country in your opinion has the best style?
I like New York because I am a New Yorker and there is a little bit of everything there. One of the things I love about it is that you can be very casual. You can be in the most sophisticated restaurant or have an evening out and see the most wealthy, successful people might be dressed down in a way. There is something about that that I really admire. I've always felt like London has the best of everything and everyone always looks cool, interesting and sort of unique. I appreciate them all in different ways, but I feel most comfortable as a woman in New York.

Do you have a style icon?
Again, I would have to mention many different people. I think just being in the fashion industry is incredible because you get to work with people who you learn from. Even just different stylists that you work with. You really observe them and watch their aesthetic, and what it is that makes them so unique. I just sort of pick up on those things and they stay with me forever. I've always admired my girlfriends Lucy De La Falaise and Kate Moss' style. It's just their overall sort of being and how they are, plus their homes and their clothes that I like. These are the friends I've had since young. 

What's the greatest lesson you've learned as a mom?
Everyday there is something new. You kind of learn as you go. I would say the greatest lesson is to pay attention, to look and listen. No one taught me that but it's something I remind myself over and over. I would say for any relationship, it's so easy to stress out and get caught up in everything that is going on in our lives. Sometimes when you just stop and put everything down, you really are present with someone and the children — they really need that of you. Sometimes they just talk and talk and want to tell you everything that they are interested in, love, or are obsessed about. You need to listen to them and be with them. Pay attention to them or things can slip through the cracks.

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