The bag brand Mansur Gavriel really needs no introduction. As soon as their (now) famed bucket bag began making its rounds on Instagram two years ago, we knew that this was one bandwagon we had to chase down — no matter what it took. 

With a refreshing lack of hardware and made from gorgeous vegetable tanned leather, it comes to no surprise that patience is truly a virtue when trying to secure a Mansur — those who have been on the hunt know exactly what we're talking about. From getting in line on the never-ending waitlist to camping at the screen when a pre-order opens up, the frenzy that these bags ignite give new meaning to the phrase stop, drop and shop. 

As designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel seem to have the recipe to success down pat, our curiousity spawned an interview with the New York-based duo. Mansur and Gavriel talk about the brand's beginnings, achieving an affordable price point, and clue us in on their bags-of-the-moment.

We go to great lengths to combine high quality manufacturing with luxurious materials, and value affordability and quality above all else.

How did you guys meet and what sparked the idea to start your own line of leather bags? 
We met in Los Angeles in 2010 at the XX concert. We felt a connection and decided to meet up the next day at the flower market. Soon after, we decided to collaborate, and began developing the brand long distance between Los Angeles (Rachel) and Berlin (Floriana). After a couple years of development, we both relocated to New York City and launched the initial collection in stores in June 2013.

Mansur Gavriel started off with two styles — the bucket bag and the tote. Why these two in particular?
We felt that they are both classic and iconic.

What do you think people love about the the bucket bag? 
It's easy-going but elegant at the same time.

Your bags are also loved for its coloured interior. What inspired that?
We loved the idea of contrasting something that felt warm, natural and traditional (the vegetable tanned leather) with something more pop-ish, or more contemporary, should we say. 

Your FW15 campaign focused heavily on flowers. Why so, and what are your favourite blooms? 
We are very inspired by flowers as they represent such amazing colors and forms found in nature. They are also very emotive objects. We love many different flowers, but to name a few: Proteas, anthuriums and peonies.

Quality is an integral part of the brand. Why vegetable tanned leather in particular?
The leather is tanned with materials found in nature, meaning that it has no chemicals or synthetic qualities. Due to its natural raw state, the leather develops a beautiful patina with use, darkening in the sun and building up a distressed surface that evolves and changes over time. Our vegetable tanned leather is from a family run tannery in Tuscany, and is very rich and elegant.

Beautifully crafted bags with an affordable price point are hard to come by. How do you balance these two aspects? 
We go to great lengths to combine high quality manufacturing with luxurious materials, and value affordability and quality above all else.

Since the launch of your brand, there has been an overwhelming demand for your bags. What do you think makes Mansur Gavriel bags so covetable? 
This is hard to answer as we feel we cannot speak for the customer, but from our perspective, we simply feel very fortunate for an opportunity to continue building the brand. To us, there is so much more to express in terms of graphic design, packaging, and the addition of other product categories.

Now that you're in your fourth season, what is your biggest challenge moving forward?
Building a steady foundation in the logistics of our business so we can continue growing in a healthy way as we expand our product offering.

What Mansur Gavriel bag are you two carrying at the moment?
The sand Lady bag (Rachel) and the cammello Lady bag (Floriana).