Founded in 2014, Blanc & Eclare is the latest label to join Salon by Surrender's curated portfolio of mostly edgy streetwear designers. Starting out with mainly sunglasses, the brand has recently expanded its line to include a denim and casualwear collection. Jessica Jung — whom you might know from her Girls' Generation days — is the creative director, and she is slowly but surely making headway in the design realm. Jung is fully involved in the design process of the label, and as per our chat with her, it's clear that she knows exactly what she's talking about when it comes to jeans. 

During the interview with the Korean star turned designer, we bond over our denim woes and gain insights on how she worked towards perfecting the Asian fit. 

Fit is everything to me, especially with denim. I try to create the perfect fit for Asians because jeans that don't sit well is a pet peeve of mine. 

Tell us about Blanc & Eclare. 
It's classic and modern, and the focus is on the details. That's actually my personal style and I wanted to share it with the public. It's the aesthetic I like and I've always wanted to start a fashion line. It was always talked about and we did a lot of planning, and then finally we had the chance to get it going. The label officially launched last year. It was challenging because it's something new to me. As you know, I was in the entertainment industry for like nine years. But despite the challenges, it was very fun to do this.

Why specifically denim (and sunglasses)?
I love denim. It's what I wear daily, so I really wanted to present a line of denim. As for sunglasses, I think that they are a very important part of an outfit because it can really make a statement. I use it when I don't have make-up on — it pretty much covers half the face. I also think girls really like sunglasses. I use it at the airport a lot actually, and people were always curious to know what sunglasses I wear. I thought that if I could share my style and design sunglasses for the public, it might be well-received. And I'm getting very good reviews on those — I can't complain and I'm very grateful for the support.

What is your priority when it comes to design, and how involved are you in the process?
I'm fully involved and we start from scratch for every single thing. Fit is everything to me, especially with denim. I try to create the perfect fit for Asians because jeans that don't sit well is a pet peeve of mine. 

Designer spotlight: Interview with Jessica Jung, creative director of Blanc & Eclare

What do you think are the challenges Asian women face when looking for a pair of jeans? For us, it's always the case where one part fits but another doesn't. It's annoying. 
Well, for starters, definitely the length. And like you said, also the fit. I'm very picky with my fit. I feel like your ankle has to show when wearing jeans. I'm sure you understand. When we try on a pair of jeans, chances are it's too long and, as you mentioned, one part fits but the other doesn't. So for my denim collection, I try to get everything right to my standards. And you know how us girls have a little bit more meat around the back of our waist? I design my jeans to cut upwards towards the sides so it covers that bit and is a lot more flattering. 

How do you think the designs reflect your personality?
My designs are very classic and basic. And that's pretty much my personality too. I don't like to overdo things, and usually I don't even wear skirts. I very much prefer a pair of jeans.

What do you think sets your denim line apart from other brands?
The fit is definitely the distinct difference. We're still developing, so I think there's a lot more to come. Right now, there's mid-waist, high-waist skinnies and boyfriend jeans. Hopefully the next season we'll have more designs and different fits.

When you put on a pair of jeans, how does it make you feel?
Sexy, comfortable and fresh. 

Designer spotlight: Interview with Jessica Jung, creative director of Blanc & Eclare

When you spot someone in your designs, what do you feel?
Awesome! Because even just by looking at my products at the store being displayed, it makes my heart beat faster. I feel excited and  grateful. And especially when people write good reviews after wearing them, it makes me incredibly happy and I feel encouraged to continue designing and producing more with a greater variety.  

Let's talk about shopping. What's your go-to store in Korea?
I actually don't really shop in Korea, but I like to go to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. I like to window shop a lot and just look at stuff. Lane Crawford has a very clean aesthetic and the displays are awesome. I haven't been travelling to Hong Kong in awhile. I really want to sometime soon because I love it there.

The Blanc & Eclare denim collection is available at Salon by Surrender at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.