Interview with Citizen K Vietnam’s editor-at-large Vũ Hà Anh

Not just a pretty face

Interview with Citizen K Vietnam’s editor-at-large Vũ Hà Anh
A supermodel turned editor-at-large, meet Vietnam's fashion chameleon

You may not know her, but it's time you did. Meet Vietnam's top supermodel and personality, Vũ Hà Anh. One of the first few Vietnamese models to dominate the international scene, there is more to Hà Anh than just her beautiful looks. The UNICEF Goodwill ambassador with a music career adds editor-at-large to her list of talents. 

Buro 24/7 meets with the wonder woman while she was in town for our website launch and Singapore Fashion Week to talk about her multi-faceted life and how she intends to change Vietnam's fashion scene with Citizen K

A successful model and singer, you're one of Vietnam's most recognised faces and the editor-in-large of Citizen K Vietnam. What inspired the move into publishing?
Vũ Hà Anh: My family has had a long history in publishing and writing. My grandfather, Vũ Tú Nam is a famous writer in Vietnam. He used to head the Vietnamese Literature Association, while my grandmother was the editor-in-chief of Vietnamese Women newspaper. My mother is also a journalist, so naturally I picked up writing and surrounded myself in the publishing industry. I also published my first book It's Me, Hà Anh last year.

How is the fashion scene in Vietnam like? 
VHA: I worked as a model for many years in Europe so obviously looking at what we have now, we are still very much behind. But we have many talented designers and photographers who have been great inspiration to the fast growing industry. There are also more and more international brands that have come to help educate fashion lovers on style.

Do you think Vietnam is ready for such an avant-garde fashion publication like Citizen K?
VHA: Citizen K is definitely ahead of its time, but we are here to inspire the nation and help develop that aspect. 

You're also the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Vietnam. What does that personally mean to you?
VHA: Children are our future. Being able to help them have equal opportunities to grow, live and study in better conditions means a lot to me as an individual. I believe if anyone can make an impact — big or small — should do it because this is the world we live in and we need to play our part in giving a helping hand. 

Tell us something people don't know about modeling.
VHA: It's not as glamorous as they think it is. What people don't realise is that you need to be smart to be a great model. It's not jut about wearing the clothes, it's also how you well you carry the clothes for the brand and client. 

What do you want to be remembered for?
VHA: For being kind. I think that's the most important quality in a person.

What does fashion mean to you?
VHA: Fashion is a platform I use to express myself. Trends are there for you to get inspired. You should always be able to experiment and express yourself with fashion openly and comfortably.

What do you hope to achieve with Citizen K?
VHA: I hope it will be a unique platform for all the best artists, experts, fashion lovers and influencers to meet, be inspired and lead a life that goes beyond luxury.  

Ha Anh

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

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