While most are acquainted with the multi-label Club 21 boutiques and the string of luxury names they've introduced in Southeast Asia and Singapore, the retail giant's e-commerce site was for the longest time, the underdog in its older sibling's shadow. Earlier this year, the company put their first attempt at online shopping on hold, and have been gearing up for this moment ever since: The relaunch of Club21Global.com. 

Just launched: Why Club 21's new e-tailer should be your go-to shopping site

Hitting the web today, it's clear that the newly revamped e-tailer — think of it as version 2.0 — comes better equipped than its predecessor. For starters, they've introduced a shared shopping basket across Club21Global.com and Kids21.com — which means, mothers who are time-strapped (which parent isn't?) will still be able to clock in a swift purchase. Also adding on lifestyle products such as home decor and fragrances, look forward to a holistic shopping experience that's not just for fashion lovers. 

Just launched: Why Club 21's new e-tailer should be your go-to shopping site

Purchases can be made in five currencies (SGD, USD, THB, AUD and HKD) with orders deliverable to 51 countries, but here's why Club21Global.com stands out on the home turf: Full-priced items shipped within Singapore are eligible for alteration services on the house*. To find out more about the little things that Club 21 has spent the last few months perfecting, we speak to Mei Lee, Como Group's senior vice-president for digital, who gives us the low-down on how the new e-tailer is equipped for success from here.

What sets the newly launched Club21Global.com apart from the previous e-commerce platform?
For the first time, our customers can make multiple purchases across the adults and kids sites with a simple and single mobile-friendly checkout process, making shopping with us a truly seamless experience. We have also completely enhanced the membership login and account experience, find-a-store function, and all customer service touchpoints online.

Also, our marketing and content strategy will be more localised this time for our Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia customers. We are excited to highlight more market-specific stories and trends covering luxury fashion and lifestyle on
The Dossier, our inspirational online editorial.     

Just launched: Why Club 21's new e-tailer should be your go-to shopping site

Tell us more about the complimentary alteration service provided in Singapore. How should customers utlitise this service?
For purchases made in Singapore, they simply need to make an appointment with Club 21 Style Services and bring their full-priced merchandise purchased online for complimentary alteration*.

What do you think is the competitive edge Club21Global.com has over other multi-label shopping sites?
Our long history of being Asia's leading purveyor of luxury fashion with nearly 400 physical stores in 10 countries, and our new focus on emerging fashion designers from Asia. This focus is a reflection of our long-held mission by Club 21's stores to incubate and nurture young talents.

How did you go about ensuring that the new site will afford a user-friendly and rewarding shopping experience? Was feedback from existing customers taken into consideration?
From the very beginning, it was important to me that we build a mobile-first and customer-centric online destination for our customers. We invested many months analysing our customer purchase patterns, conducting industry research, optimising our user-experience designs and wireframes, and gathering feedback from existing customers and internal stakeholders. But, this is just the beginning. We believe in continuous improvement and will do our best to ensure shopping online with us is user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive.

The role of an e-commerce site is to make online shopping more physical, while making physical shopping more digital.

What are the biggest factors that draw you to shopping sites, and how have you incorporated that for Club21Global.com?
When I lived in New York City (before relocating to Singapore last year) all of my shopping from — groceries to fashion and furniture — was done online, because it's a way of life for me. In Singapore, there is still a strong mall and brick-and-mortar shopping culture. Hence, the role of an e-commerce site is to make online shopping more physical, while making physical shopping more digital.

There are several functionalities and features on Club21Global.com that are my personal favourites. When you mouse over a product, you can see all of the product in rotation without clicking. Another one is that our entire mobile shopping experience is fully optimised for the shopper on-the-go. I also love that we have incorporated customer-centric features such as live chat, Google map integration, the click-to-call a store function, quick view of products, a wishlist, and a fast checkout experience.

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