1. 032c

Streetwear special: The up-and-coming labels you need to know

What you should know: The typography and graphic jumpers that go where few others would dare — grazing the topic of religion. A nod to the brand's workshop housed within the now defunct St. Agnes church in Berlin, it features German painter Albrecht Dürer's Praying Hands and, 032C's office contact number. A sardonic suggestion for those of little faith to call them up. 
What you might not know: Founded by Joerg Koch, most recently the editor-in-chief of Ssense.com's editorial arm. Also heading up 032c — the thought-provoking magazine that precedes its namesake clothing label, Koch's curation and commentary leaves little unsaid in the domains of culture, values and the evolution of fashion. 
What to shop now: The brand's latest jumper in collaboration with artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt — also responsible for the distinctive typeface on Kanye's Pablo merchandise. 

2. Cottweiler

Streetwear special: The up-and-coming labels you need to know

What you should know: A British label recognised for it's ability to transform the quotidian details in life into unlikely menswear designs — most distinctively a fine marriage between the athletic and pragmatic. "We never just pluck something out that nobody's ever seen before, it's always got references to home or everyday life," co-founder Ben Cottrell explained in an interview with Ssense.
What you might not know: Cottweiler began on Tumblr, and despite being a pet project for designers Cottrell and Matthew Dainty at the beginning, the brand's aversion to serving athleisure straight up on a silver platter was what made London sit up and pay attention.
What to shop now: The brand's beige glaze lounge pants, a testament to Cottweiler's capacity for elevating mundanity. 

3. Palm Angels 

Streetwear special: The up-and-coming labels you need to know

What you should know: The by-product of a photography project chronicling the skateboarders coasting Los Angeles' Venice Beach, a capture of a skater with the sun's light above his head birthed the moniker, Palm Angels. A bold-faced mish-mash of subcultures, including collegiate dress codes and Rasta undertones. 
What you might not know: Just three seasons in, the unisex fledging label is masterminded by Francesco Ragazzi, Moncler's art director — the technical French-Italian outerwear label that reinvented the down jacket. Just like Moncler's advertising imagery, Ragazzi's progressive Palm Angels visuals are proof that with great minds and in good hands, fashion never stagnates.
What to shop now:  The cut-and-sew Exoangels hoodie that's a literal mash-up of Ragazzi's varied influences.

Shop 032c, Palm Angels and Cottweiler on Ssense.com. Certain products are exclusive to the multi-label e-tailer.