Poppy Lissiman: Wear your heart on your clutch

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Poppy Lissiman: Wear your heart on your clutch
Express your style, individuality and feelings with these eye-catching clutches from Down Under

We Generation Y-ers are guilty of a certain few (technology-induced) habits: A penchant for abbreviations, acronyms, and in true Millenial spirit, emoticons. Granted, the first two existed before our time. But the third? That's all us. 

Enter Australian accessories designer Poppy Lissiman — bags with bold emoticon-like graphics accentuated by metallic sheens and glitter are her trademark. We fell for the idiosyncratic designs at first sight, and think of this as us wearing our hearts on our sleeves. But just like how expressing fondness with a less-than symbol and the numeral 3 is a thing of the past, we keep up by wearing our hearts on our clutches. 

Lissiman also weaves various other emoticons and symbols (smiley faces, lips, and evil eyes to name but a few) into her designs, and they have been tweaked and amalgamated for the striking accessories. Whether you pair it with a monochromatic or printed outfit, these fun clutches will pack quite a punch and speak of a cool 'tude at the very least.

As the saying goes: An Emoji paints a thousand words; let your bag do the talking. 

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Text: Andrea Sim

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