Meet the new arm candy from Dior — The Diorever


Meet the new arm candy from Dior — The Diorever
Give a woman the Diorever and she will rule the world

Much like a pair of killer heels that elevate your being, the Diorever boosts your profile right into fashion's hall of fame. Slated for great things from the get-go, the elements embedded in the DNA of this signature bag proclaim an mélange of natural sophistication with an urban sensibility.

Diorever Handbag

This fusion of classic and modern is quintessentially Dior and simply perfection. Attaining that abstract balance between traditional leather workmanship with a contemporary vision, the maison delivers the alluring timelessness sought after by today's women. Composed of architectural lines with a reversible flap — occasionally opening to reveal a contrast inner lining — held shut by a motif clasp, the handbag also sports the maneuverability of switching up to a cross-body. Swathed in colourful innovative hides of crinkled metallic lamb, crocodile or alligator, the Diorever is simultaneously a statement and an expression of individuality.

If there were ever a single accessory that empowers as much as it imbues style, this iconic bag is it. You need this in your life, because a woman toting the Diorever is unquestionably running the scene like a boss.

The Diorever is available in three sizes at Dior boutiques. 

Text: Angelyn Kwek

  • Image:
    Joan Braun
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