Hear us out: This isn't just another Chanel crush. It seems that the French luxury brand is intent on taking over our wardrobe one piece at a time — and it's turned its attention to the ubiquitous earplug. Kaiser Karl has had a lengthy love affair with technology (see Lagerfeld Confidential to get an inkling of the number of Apple products he owns), so it's no surprise that Chanel is venturing into technological territory. Here are three reasons why we're going to get these über-chic tech accessories (and why you should too!).

1. Rush hour envy
Imagine taking these babies out during morning rush hour and luxuriating in the jealous stares.

2. Double duty
Not only do these spruce up your boring earplug, they can double up as chic earrings too.

3. New classic
Remember those Chanel brooches from the '80s? Neither do we. But these charms are bound to go down in history.