With the siblings, it's never about the budget. It's about how well they've treated you and vice-versa over the past year. Let's face it: It's calculated. If you've been rude far too many times, don't expect half the gift you got last year when you aced the respect card. But if none of these things really matter to you and you're a neutral party in the sibling dynamics, then we suggest choosing a gift wisely. What do we mean? Pick a gift that everyone can share and benefit from. After all, isn't sharing caring?

1. Fendi ABCharm
A cute furball one from Fendi? Yes. The trick to picking the right alphabet is to get one with the initial of your family surname. Why? It becomes a gift that everyone can share. And we promise that there will be no sibling rivalry or jealousy with this one. 
Fendi ABCharm 
2. Dior So Real sunglasses
For that sibling that works in fashion (or media), these Dior sunglasses will win him or her over immediately. Think of it as an investment on your part, where in return your media-savvy sibling will share his or her perks with you. Think: Fashion goodies, restaurant tastings, concert and festival reviews — and if you're lucky, an overseas press trip. Kill with kindness.  
Dior So Real sunglasses

3. Tiffany T Narrow wire bracelet
This Tiffany T Narrow wire bracelet in 18K gold is not a calculated gift. It's a present for that sibling you would never think twice splurging on. After all, Tiffany says that "joy comes out of the blue" and we couldn't agree more. 
Tiffany T Narrow wire bracelet

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