It's not often that we see eye to eye on the saying 'more is more', but Swatch makes a great case with their recent sunglass range. With 210 reasons why sheer quantity can trump all, Swatch The Eyes presents a dizzying assortment that will have eyewear fanatics spoilt for choice.

Working on a buildable concept centred around three classic frame shapes (round, squared and winged), the selection of 30 patterns are to be paired up with seven complementary temples. Totalling up to a whole gamut of 210 variations to play around with, the interchangeable rims and temples — that snap on and off — will leave you wanting more. First off: Check out the video above for Swatch The Eyes in action. Next, hightail it to Indio and work the Coachella circuit like a pro. 

Swatch The Eyes is available at Swatch boutiques.