Under the sea: Swarovski SS16

Glimmer and shimmer

Under the sea: Swarovski SS16
Swarovski introduces their spring/summer 2016 collection, Sea of Sparkle

Evoking the summer season of surf and spray is Swarovski with their latest SS16 collection featuring gems of turquoise, aquamarine and bold pinks, aptly christened Sea of Sparkle.

Inspired by the world's picturesque oceans, the mesmerising collection is a shimmering cascade that calls to mind a mermaid's scales glistening in the sun and the dazzle of colourful aquatic flora. Statement necklaces with sparkling multi-hued clusters of crystals create a dramatic drape across the collarbones while bold rings decorate your fingers with striking faceted stones. Equally mesmerising earrings will add that irresistable twinkle to your appearance. 



Rings and earrings

Hailing the splendour of the oceans, Swarovski has also crafted matching bracelets to encircle wrists with a glistening band of flashing jewels to complete the look of a sea goddess bedecked in the finest treasures of the vast deep blue. Brand favourites, the Stardust and Slake bangles, are also given a marine update with beaded and braided whirls of brilliant allure.

Bracelets and bangles

Stunning and vivid, the collection materialises an almost organic beauty that celebrates the vast infinity that is Earth's oceans  this may just be Swarovski's most beautifully daring and spirited collection yet.

The Swarovski Sea of Sparkle collection will be available from February.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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