Pets are more than just little ones you feed, walk and go to for cuddles. If you wouldn't let your friend, companion, or family member go into the rain sans umbrella, the same can be said for your dog or cat. 

As adorable as the pattering of their paws on your floor boards might be, they're no good for holding up an umbrella — but you knew that already. So what better way to shield your furry friend than putting them in a smart navy raincoat? The ones from Mungo & Maud that come accented with preppy Mulberry heritage checks, to be specific. There'll be no more dripping fur and wet dog shakes, and your pet will stay cozy even as the temperature dips. 

Fashion for furry friends: Raincoats to keep your pets dry

On top of the fashionable rain coat, the collection offers complementary collars and leads that makes colour coding your pet's outfit possible. And, if you'd like, match its outfit with your own too — we won't judge, you have our word. 

Shop the Mungo & Maud for Mulberry collection here.