This just in: Zouk will move to Clarke Quay in 2016

Goodbye, Jiak Kim Street

This just in: Zouk will move to Clarke Quay in 2016
The iconic club will exit Jiak Kim Street and move to its new premises at Block C, Clarke Quay in 2016

Zouk's been home to many things: Mambo Jambo, Flea & Easy, as well as your first clubbing experience, we reckon — but that ace of base is going to move.

The 24-year old club has just announced its move to Block C in Clarke Quay next year, as their current lease on Jiak Kim Street expires this December. It plans to pump $10 million into the new 30,000 sq ft club, which will be completed between June to September 2016.

Founded by former architect Lincoln Cheng, Zouk's known for the birthplace of electronic dance music in Singapore, as well as having groomed some of the best homegrown talents. It's planning a series of parties and farewell bashes — we're looking forward to what's in store for its silver jubilee in April next year.

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As for the new venue, while Clarke Quay's certainly synonymous with partying in Singapore, the nightlife destination hasn't exactly been shaking things up. Current tenants at Block C include New Zealand restaurant and pub Fern & Kiwi and bar Le Noir. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for what Zouk will bring to its dynamics.

Text: Adibah Isa

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