Watch now: MONSTER CAT's new music video, 4AM


Singaporean alternative rock band MONSTER CAT releases 4AM, a surreal animated film accompanying their latest single release from album The Violet Hour

Here's a new alternative rock sound to get into. Singapore rockers MONSTER CAT have unveiled their music video for 4AM, following a single release with a B-side remix by electronic producer blankverse. Part of their last album The Violet Hour, 4AM is accompanied by an animated film by illustrator Annie Hung, who presents a world of bizarre characters.

"The idea for a 4AM music video was brewing for the longest time and it all clicked in my head when I saw a few of Annie's videos," shares frontman Wang Wei Yang. "The child-like quality and humour in her work perfectly compliments the song's heavy, psychic turmoil in a kind of absurd, existentialist way. She has a very pure form of expression and I think this collaboration taps into that."

While child-like, you wouldn't show 4AM to your kids — unless you're ready to welcome them into the absurd brilliance of MONSTER CAT.

To stream, download and purchase Monster Cat's 4am, click here.

Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Samantha Eve
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