The largest private art museum in Paris hits Singapore's shores this month, reaching the Asia Pacific for the first time.

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Marc Restellini

Opening with both a feature exhibition and an expansive permanent gallery, the museum will debut with 'The Myth of Cleopatra'. The founder of Pinacothèque and highly regarded art historian Marc Restellini has curated the selection of works.

Sebastiano Mazzoni

The iconic Cleopatra is slated to be Singapore Pinacothèque's first feature. "From historians to artists, to the young woman who goes to a costume party tomorrow as Cleopatra, there is a point of engagement for everyone," elaborated Restellini.

Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris

The permanent gallery is a pretty huge deal for fine art enthusiasts. Works from Monet, Pollock, Soutine, and other remarkable artists will be showcased at the grand opening. Whether you're into history, fine art, or simply want another option in the arts scene, this upcoming debut is a defining highlight in the list of museum openings this year.

Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris opens this month at the Fort Canning Arts Centre