1. The Lady doth protest
At the 2016 Democratic National Convention to officially name Hilary Clinton as its presidential nominee, America's first lady Michelle Obama stole the show with her powerful and emotional speech. Mr. President was impressed, and so were others.


2. Comic-Con 2016's Suicide Squad party
The men and women of Suicide Squad came together to promote the anticipated movie, out in Singapore on 4 August. It's the best squad imaginable: Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara and Jared Leto. 

Instagram | @karenfukuhara
Instagram | @karenfukuhara Girl's plane! plus @jaredleto Birthed by Cara once again...until next time Comiccon SD!Instagram | @karenfukuhara Girl's plane! plus @jaredleto Birthed by Cara once again...until next time Comiccon SD!

3.  Cara Delevingne and the two James are all about the brows
Surprise, surprise — Cara Delevingne's still known for her eyebrows. The Suicide Squad star (she plays Enchantress) does her press rounds on talk shows with Conan O'Brien as well as James Corden.

Instagram | @caradelevingne Tune in tonight to @latelateshow and watch my drop the rap battle with @j_corden and Dave Franco #latelateshow #whowillwin

4. A league of extraordinary gentlemen
Another exciting development at Comic-Con 2016 was the official image released by Justice League. Yes folks, Superman's alive.

5. The league gets chummy
Meanwhile, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, The Flash Ezra Miller and Cyborg Ray Fisher get chummy and take a breather towards the end of Comic-Con 2016.

Instagram | @gal_gadot And now... Sleep

6. Marvel mayhem
The DC Universe isn't the only one stealing the spotlight. Marvel didn't want to lose out on Comic-Con 2016's shenanigans, making announcements such as this: Brie Larson's coveted role as Captain Marvel.


7.  Panther is the new black
Lupita Nyong'o officially joins the cast of Marvel's Black Panther, a story involving the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics. Here she is with fellow Marvel "mamas".


8. William Shatner gets sassy on Twitter
While Star Trek fans the world over delighted in the reboot of a Star Trek television series — and still hot on the heels of Star Trek Beyond's release of course — Captain Kirk himself indulged in a little Q&A fun.


9. Karlie Kloss has more fun
Get ready to go for platinum...blonde that is. The model debuts a fresh coat of paint on her tresses, which will possibly signal a new trend. 

Instagram | @karliekloss I'm already having more fun

10. #ThrowbackThursday
For her grandmother's birthday, Kim Kardashian tweeted this adorable picture of the pre-fame and pre-Kanye Kardashians.


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