Best of Art Basel Hong Kong 2016: Sebastian Errazuriz's Audemars Piguet lounge

Le Brassus meets Wan Chai

Best of Art Basel Hong Kong 2016: Sebastian Errazuriz's Audemars Piguet lounge
Remember that guy who created 12 shoes for 12 of his former lovers? Audemars Piguet has tapped into Sebastian Errazuriz's artistry to create a lounge for Art Basel 2016's shows, starting with the one in Hong Kong this week

Back in 2013, New York-based Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz turned heads for creating 12 shoe sculptures. Each was inspired by a former lover — there was an ice queen, gold digger and crybaby among them — and drew both criticism and praise. Especially when he didn't leave any scathingly intimate details to the imagination.


This year, the artist and designer takes a more classy turn — by allowing people to have the ability to walk on water. A simulation of course, one he's cleverly created using video projections that create the impression of a ripple of water when each step is taken. It's this play on the themes of water and ice that form the backbone of his collaboration with Audemars Piguet for Art Basel.

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Premiering last Wednesday, the lounge isn't the Swiss watchmaker's first showing at Art Basel. A participant since 2013, Audemars Piguet has presented lounge concepts in the Collectors Lounge at all three Art Basel Shows — Hong Kong, Miami and Basel. Each year, they invite a designer or artist to bring the village of Le Brassus in Vallée de Joux to life. For 2016, they've picked Errazuriz.

The ice formations and white winters of the locale inspire this year's lounge, which uses the concept of the ice cycle as a metaphor of time. You'll see the icicle as it accumulates over time, the water droplets as nature's ticking pulse and water ripples signifying progressions in life. As the icicles melt, each drip resembles nature's pulse like the ticking of a clock. The kicker? The ice bar, where cocktails were served to the art crowd. Cheers.

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Text: Adibah Isa

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