#ManCrushMonday: WIL

Randy's man

#ManCrushMonday: WIL
Sometimes, all you need to lift your spirits is good old, high-spirited pop. Local singer-songwriter WIL — who's managed by Randy Jackson — gives you that and more. We caught up with him during his recent visit to Singapore

Hi Wil! How's your Chinese New Year break treating you?
I ate 1,000 cans of of pineapple tarts.

Nice. For those who've yet to hear of you, how would you describe your genre and music?

It's pop, but more of an eastern and western-influenced pop. The way they write lyrics in Asia is a bit more poetic than the way they write in the west — where the music is very important. So I try to mix both of that.

Did you listen to a lot of Asian artists when you were growing up?

Yes! Teresa Teng, Jay Chou, A-Mei.

Ever thought of pursuing a Chinese singing career?

It will come, yeah absolutely. We have plans of going back to Asia with Chinese music sometime soon. I've got a surprise, so I'll tell you about it when it happens.

Who are your music influences now?

I like Sia. I just love the way she writes music. I love Katy Perry. I met her when I was in the States. It was with a friend of mine, and his best friend is Katy Perry's best friend. We were at the bar, On the Rox, in Sunset Boulevard at 1am. An hour later, she walked in and my friend introduced me to her and she gave me a kiss on my cheeks. And then I kissed her back and said, 'I kissed a girl and I liked it'. She cracked up.

Did you wash your cheeks after that?

Oh no, I should have framed it up right? Kiss Katy Perry, check!

Whose career do you look up to and wish to emulate?

Probably Katy Perry's. She's very inspiring to her audience. My vocal coach used to teach her. His name is Eric Vetro and he teaches Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor and all that.

Tell us the impetus behind your single
What are we waiting for
A year ago, I realised that a lot of times we wonder, what am I doing and where should I go from here? What am I waiting for in life? I think one of the hardest things in life is waiting for something to happen — be it in work or relationships. We should turn things around and not waste your life away by waiting for other people. I just had that idea and thought it'd be something nice to write into a song.

So your music video for that was done last year, but the single on iTunes was released in February.  
Yes. I tell Daphne (a rep from Warner Music), 'How come I release a single, I'm still single? How does that work?'

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Text: Adibah Isa

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    Olivier Henry/Milk Photographie
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